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Getting your vehicle serviced or repaired is seen by most to be a very daunting task often compared with going to the dentist. Here at Browns Automotive we understand this and make it a priority to create an experience that is painless and easy to understand.


Our main purpose at Brown’s Automotive is to provide high quality auto repairs and superior customer service. Gaining trust, building lasting relationships and exceeding customers expectations is at the heart of our organization. We continue to strive to be a leading example in the auto repair industry and at the same time support our local community.

Brown's Automotive is currently owned by two brothers, Nolan and Dustin Brown, who represent the fourth generation in a family dedicated to automotive repair. For nearly a century, the Browns have been deeply entrenched in the industry. Starting with their great-grandfather, Joseph Sr. who embarked on his journey as a car mechanic in the 1930s, a significant period characterized by the widespread adoption and accessibility of the Model T Ford, solidifying his place among the pioneering community of America’s early auto mechanics. Right in the middle of the Great Depression.

Amidst this challenging period, Joseph Sr. welcomed his firstborn, Joseph Jr., in 1928. The family faced hardships, prompting Joseph Jr. to labor on his uncle's Pinto bean farm around Moriarty NM at the age of 16. Joseph Jr. settled in NM, meeting his wife Joyce at the Albuquerque roller rink. They married in 1950 and had their first son, Donald, in 1952. Shortly after, Joseph Jr. was drafted into the Korean War and was stationed in Alaska with the Army’s motor pool. This allowed him to relocate his young family there.

After returning to New Mexico in 1954, Joseph Jr. began working at a Studebaker/Mercedes Benz dealership in Albuquerque. In 1957, he purchased a small adobe house for his family in Valencia and partnered with an army friend to build a small repair shop/fueling station in Bosque Farms NM. His partner left after a couple of years and Jr. continued running the shop up until 1976. During that time the business became a family affair, with all his sons learning the automotive trade. Joseph jr. sold the shop and acquired a farm in Kentucky. He would move back and forth from Kentucky and New Mexico for the remainder of his life. Nevertheless, his shop in Bosque Farms endures and is still servicing vehicles off old Highway 47.

Donald stayed in New Mexico, gaining experience in different shops, and collaborating with his uncle Bobby Killough on 4th St. before eventually moving to Kentucky to assist his father on the farm. In 1986, Donald received an offer from Bobby Killough to take over the shop on 4th Street, prompting his return to Albuquerque with his pregnant wife and three young boys.

The Browns had already established a reputation for exceptional mechanical work by this time. Donald's return drew customers from the Bosque Farms area, a testament to the family's commitment to top-tier service, respect, and honesty. This mindset, instilled by Donald, permeated through his children who all learned the automotive trade alongside customer care and integrity. Dustin began working with his father at 13, while Nolan joined at the age of 12. Both ventured out in their early 20s, gaining diverse experiences before rejoining their father to establish the second shop.

Pooling generations of expertise, the three Browns laid the groundwork for expansion without compromising the core values upheld by the family. Nolan and Dustin later acquired the company from their father in 2018. Their continuous dedication to enhancing the customer experience while upholding a culture of excellence demonstrates their commitment to serving New Mexicans. With four generations in the industry, their profound expertise positions them as automotive industry authorities, eager to foster growth and pass down their knowledge to future generations.

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