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Brake Fluid Change in Albuquerque, NM

Brake Fluid Change in Albuquerque, NM - Brown’s Automotive Experts

Brake fluid plays a crucial part in the braking system. It transfers power from the brake pedal to calipers that press the brake pads against rotors to generate friction that slows down the car. But why would your vehicle need brake fluid change?

The primary reason is that brake fluid is highly hygroscopic – it absorbs moisture from the environment. This may not seem like a big deal – water is not very compressible either, so it can also be used in hydraulic systems to transfer power. However, due to the unique aspect of the braking system – high operating temperatures – presence of water in the brake fluid is highly undesirable.

Brake fluid is engineered to withstand high temperatures created by friction that the braking system relies on to slow down your car. Depending on the designation of the brake fluid, its boiling point can be anywhere from 284 to 374 degrees Fahrenheit. For comparison, water boils at only 212 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to properly transfer power, brake fluid must remain in fluid state (because fluids are not easily compressible). If the water content of the fluid gets high enough, the water will boil off during braking, resulting in gaseous bubbles in the system, which can compromise brake system’s ability to slow down the car. It can result in increased braking distance, or in extreme cases, in an outright brakes failure.

Fortunately, at Brown’s Automotive Experts, we can measure water content of your vehicle’s brake fluid and if the percentage of water in the fluid exceeds manufacturer recommendations, we can perform brake fluid change – it involves replacing the old brake fluid with new one, and eliminating any air bubbles from the system that might have been introduced during the exchange. It’s a same day operation – testing brake fluid quality, exchange, and a test drive to make sure the brakes function correctly under real-world conditions. You can drop off your car in the morning, and pick it up in the afternoon – ready for the road.

The rule of thumb says brake fluid change should be done every 2 years. So if your vehicle has not had a brake fluid change in a couple of years, it’s a good idea to call one of our four Albuquerque area facilities ( including Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, Northeast Heights and Rio Rancho,) to set up an appointment to have the brake fluid change performed by one of our nationally ASE-certified technicians.

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