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Dustin and Nolan Brown are brothers that are third generation mechanics. Their father Donald started Browns Automotive in 1982 and has since then handed the reigns to his two sons. Donald's father Joe Brown also owned a repair shop in Bosque Farms.

Both brothers grew up in the North Valley and graduated Valley High school. Nolan moved to Las Cruce for many years to go to school and work. Dustin spent about 8 years living in Minneapolis. They both found their way back to Albuquerque and have been enjoying working in the family business. Nolan has been working at the Los Ranchos store, building it up from the first day we opened and Dustin has been working at the original location near Montano.

Nolan enjoys horse riding and working on his hobby ranch in the east mountains, Dustin enjoys playing music and raising chickens. He now has 20 chickens! They both enjoy the challenges of running a business and have a lot of ambition to continue to be a staple in the community.

Both brothers are always in the shop and love to meet new faces as well as keep in touch with existing friends!


Dustin Brown

Dustin has been involved in the vehicle repair community in New Mexico his entire life. As a mechanic in Albuquerque, Los Ranchos, and now Rio Rancho, he works hard to keep the pieces in place to ensure quality repair throughout the organization. Dustin’s role in the company involves a lot of back-office work and marketing. Dustin enjoys continually learning about advancements in vehicle technology and business skills. He Maintains a strong focus on company culture and improving the industry for consumers and skilled technicians in New Mexico. Dustin is always willing to lend a helping hand to everyone in the company. He is available for customers and appreciates all the long-lasting relationships he has built while running the original location. When not working, Dustin enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, playing music, traveling, and sailing.


Nolan Brown

Nolan has been involved in the automotive industry his entire life. There is nothing Nolan cannot fix. When it comes to vehicle repairs in Albuquerque, Los Ranchos, and Rio Rancho, he is the man! He has always enjoyed the mechanical side of things. Nolan is the operations guru, focused on developing the staff to increase their knowledge and skills. He works hands-on with the office staff to ensure they are providing customers with top-notch service every time. Training and developing all the employees in the company is his passion. Teaching them what it takes to provide the exceptional customer service our community has come to expect from Browns Automotive. He enjoys learning new things and tackling challenges. He is exceptional with employee and customer relations. When Nolan is not working, he is enjoying time with his wife by horseback riding, camping, and taking trips to the lake.

Tim Sloan

Tim Sloan

District Manager

Tim helps with the management of all locations at Browns Automotive, providing vehicle repair service and maintenance in New Mexico. His skills and abilities have helped grow the company and the staff. Focusing on creating consistency across all locations and ensuring the staff all excel in career development. His ability to help customers and handle any issues within the company is second to none! Tim is invested in improving his skills as a leader, taking all training and mentoring seriously. His commitment to his craft is why he is the best! We are proud to have him on our team. Tim is a proud husband, father and grandfather who enjoys spending time with his family, horseback riding and helping his community.


Nicole Duke

Nicole is the glue that helps hold the company together. We are very blessed to have her on the team. She brings a lot of experience to the organization regarding managing all the moving pieces associated with having multiple locations that are focused on quality auto repair in Albuquerque, Los Ranchos, and Rio Rancho. Working with payroll, HR, accounting, finance, vendor relations, payables, receivables, and much more, Nicole wears many hats in the company. She is passionate about the customer experience and always has the customer’s best interest in mind. Nicole works great with the team and is always willing to help everyone with whatever they need. She is a passionate dog lover who specifically works with Beagles, helping with adoption and care. Nicole loves being outdoors near the water and watching live music.

Darrell Irish

Darrell Irish

Darrell has over 29 years of experience in the automotive industry. He is the part specialist here and can always find the right part at the best price. He enjoys working with his customers and technicians. Darrell always greets everyone with a smile. He can help with your vehicle repairs by making sure you get the right mechanic in Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, or Los Ranchos. Darrell works at all locations in the company, focusing on providing consistent service throughout the organization. He also fills in for staff at any location that is short-handed, ensuring our guests get premier service every time. Darrell is a champion trumpet player who has played all over the world!


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