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Wheel Alignment in Albuquerque, NM

Wheel Alignment in Albuquerque, NM | Brown's Automotive Experts

Family owned and operated, Brown’s Automotive Experts offers exceptional Albuquerque wheel alignment services. Whether you Toyota Corolla suffers from steering wheel vibrations, or your Honda Civic shows uneven tire wear, chances are wheel alignment may solve the problem. Naturally, before we put your vehicle on the alignment rack, our nationally ASE certified technicians will perform a professional vehicle inspection to make sure that the root cause of the problem is indeed misalignment.

Our four Albuquerque and one Rio Rancho auto care facilities offer comprehensive auto maintenance services and repairs, and naturally, we offer full range of tire related services, including new tires, tire mounting, tire balancing, tire repair, and wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment is something we think about when buying new set of tires, but in reality, many occasions call for wheel alignment. We highly recommend alignment check once a year, since bumps, potholes, hitting a parking stall or a curb can move the wheels out of alignment. Misaligned wheels, in turn, result in accelerated tire wear, decreased mileage, ride quality suffers, and it can also negatively influence handling of your vehicle.

Symptoms that alert you to schedule an alignment check:

  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Vehicle vibration while turning
  • Driving on a straight road, the steering wheel is not straight
  • Uneven tread wear

Symptoms listed above are a good reason to call a professional auto repair shop and to get an alignment check. The longer you drive with these symptoms present, the greater wear to the tires, and in the case of the vehicle pulling to a side, it may be a stuck brake caliper, and not an alignment issue at all – at Brown’s Automotive Experts we consider potential brake issues to be high priority, safety items.

If it does turn out that alignment is necessary, we follow a process that includes:

  1. Tire pressure check and adjustment
  2. We look for patterns of tire wear
  3. We check manufacturer’s tire alignment guidelines
  4. Inspection of suspension and steering components
  5. Wheel alignment on a computerized tire alignment machine that can detect misalignment not visible to the human eye

So if your vehicle exhibits any symptoms of being out of alignment, or it’s been more than a year since the last alignment, call Brown’s Automotive Experts in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho. We will do an alignment check and wheel alignment if necessary. We offer online appointments on our website, or you can call the shop and our friendly service advisors will be happy to confirm an appointment that fits your schedule.

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