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AC Repair: What You Should Look For

AC Repair: What You Should Look For

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been blasting the AC in your car all summer, and, after parking in the unrelenting New Mexico sun on a hot day in Albuquerque, you hop into your vehicle, turn the ignition and wait for a wave of coolness to pour out of your AC unit—but it doesn’t.  Instead, a harsh rush of warm air hits you and you frantically roll down your windows or even open your doors to escape the heat. Unfortunately, you may be in need of an AC repair service.

There are plenty of signs to tell if you need an AC repair. Even units that still produce cold air may be having problems. That’s why it’s recommended you service your AC unit as part of your preventive maintenance plan rather than running it until it breaks down.

You may want to have your AC checked by an ASE-certified technician if…

  • The air being emitted isn’t as cold as it used to be
  • A funny smell is coming from the vents
  • The air conditioner’s drive belts, compressor, or blower are nosier than usual
  • A rhythmic clicking noise is coming from under the hood when you turn on the AC or defroster
  • The defroster no longer defrosts the windshield effectively
  • Water is resting on the floor of the passenger compartment
  • The cooling fan keeps cycling on and off

If you are noticing any of these symptoms, it’s time for an air conditioning repair service. It should also be noted—if your vehicle was serviced prior to 1992— that the Freon refrigerant used to cool your car, CFC-12, is no longer used in AC units because it contributes to the breakdown of the ozone layer. R-134a, the new refrigerant, can be used in older vehicles by converting the AC to take the new refrigerant.

If you want to avoid paying big bucks to fix your whole air conditioning unit, you must service it as you would any other part of your vehicle rather than waiting until it breaks or has problems. Luckily, our team at Donald Brown’s Parts & Automotive can help you avoid expensive and uncomfortable breakdowns in your AC system with an AC inspection.

Summer will be here before you know it and you won’t want to be caught on a hot day without properly working air conditioning. So, if you find yourself in need of any auto repair or maintenance services in the Albuquerque area.

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