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Albuquerque Car Repair: A/C Myths Debunked!

Check the weather report HERE. I dare you. Doesn’t look like the sun’s going let up any time soon, does it? Looks like we’re swimming in 90-degree weather for quite some time!

In that light, what sort of state is your air conditioning in? We all know the importance of maintaining this system (especially in the summer), but some of the things we do to keep it in shape are counterintuitive. Here are a few of those air conditioning myths debunked from your local Albuquerque NM Auto Repair:

A/C Wastes Gas?

Many argue blasting the air conditioning wastes gas, but your local Albuquerque Tires shop begs to differ. Consumer Reports has found that if you’re traveling faster than 40 MPH, it’s better to have the air conditioning on that to roll down the windows. Reason being at higher speeds, wind resistance from rolled-down windows makes your vehicle work harder than the air conditioning!

Freon Refrigerants are Viable Replacements?

When your air conditioning goes out, it’s tempting to fill it back up with a cheap Freon replacement to get through the day. However, your local Albuquerque Auto Repair is says if you need one of these replacements, it’s the sign of a bigger issue. The reason why you need it initially is because of a leak in your air conditioning system. You’ll waste money by constantly throwing refrigerant in your care while it seeps in the air, harming the environment.

When You’re Cold, Turn the A/C Up?

Once you’re reached your desired temperature, it’s better to turn the air conditioning completely off instead of adjusting it to a warmer temperature. When you adjust the air conditioning, it actually mixes the warm air from the heater with the cool air from the air conditioning, causing the engine to work harder and use more gas.

Don’t Turn on the A/C Until it’s “Warmed Up”?

Though you may be sitting in a hot car with the air conditioning blasting warm air at first, it’s better to let it run until it produces cool air. This system begins to work as soon as you turn it on, and you’d be compromising your fuel economy by waiting to turn on the fan. To counteract the initial warm air, roll down your windows until cool air surfaces. If your air conditioning takes a long time to warm up, stop by a local Albuquerque Car Repair and talk to an ASE-Certified Albuquerque Mechanic.

If you want more air conditioning tips or need repairs on your A/C system, don’t hesitate to stop by your local Albuquerque Car Repair like Don Brown Automotive!

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