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Albuquerque Car Repair: An Overheated Engine? Preposterous!

Unfortunately, being a vehicle owner also comes with the expectation that there will be “hiccups” in your tenure. One of these “hiccups” your local Albuquerque NM Auto Repair is all-too familiar with is when a car overheats.

If you haven’t experienced an overheated engine, then chances are you’ve seen one on the side of the road. The elaborate scene is painted with an exasperated individual accompanied by a vehicle pulled off to the side, with the hood popped and smoke seeping from the edges. Perhaps a tow truck is off to the side about to hook the broken down vehicle.

While these situations seem exhausting, avoiding them is as easy as knowing the signs. Here are a few tips from your local Albuquerque Car Repair for keeping your engine from overheating:


The dash in your vehicle is the best resource in your vehicle for determining your engine’s status. There are two indicators, the first being the temperature gauge. One end is marked “H” for hot and the other “C” for cold. When your engine gets too hot, the gauge will have a needle that is pointing more toward the “H” side. The other indicator is a dashboard light that illuminates when the car overheats, and usually resembles a thermometer. If either of these situations pops up, be sure to pull over and let your engine cool down before visiting an Albuquerque Mechanic.


When your car overheats, one indicator is when steam and/or smoke appears. This is caused by an anti-freeze leak in the cooling system. When the fluid hits the hot parts of the engine, it will evaporate with a quick sizzle. Your local Albuquerque Tires shop suggests getting to an Albuquerque NM Auto Repair as soon as possible if this happens, as low coolant means a hotter engine!

Warm A/C Air

If your air conditioning starts blowing warm air, it might mean you’re low on coolant! And as stated earlier, low coolant means a quick ticket to an overheated engine! Just to be safe, your local Albuquerque Car Repair suggests getting this checked out at a local Albuquerque Mechanic.

Coolant Puddles

If you find a puddle of yellow-ish liquid in your usual parking spot—whether it be at work or home—you may have a coolant leak! Your local Albuquerque Tires shop suggests having an ASE-Certified mechanic checking out your cooling system as soon as possible if you have leaks.

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