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Albuquerque Car Repair Tip: Love Your Car More!

Your New Year’s resolution doesn’t always have to be about improving yourself. How about making 2012 the year to improve your four-wheel investment so it runs many more years, pollutes less and burns less gasoline?

Monthly Albuquerque Tire Check-ups. If your tires have low pressure, your engine will end up working harder and burn more gasoline just to move your vehicle. You should use a tire-pressure gauge to make sure your pressure specifications are correct. Stop by one of our Albuquerque shops, and our ASE-certified technicians will be happy to check your tire pressure for you.

Follow Vehicle Service Recommendations. Your owner’s manual mentions recommended service maintenance intervals. Stay on top of these recommendations by creating a calendar for your vehicle’s routine maintenance as a reminder.

Routine Oil and Oil Filter Changes. Oil is the blood of the engine. It keeps the engine’s parts lubricated and prevents them from becoming corroded and pitted. Regular oil changes remove contaminants that the engine creates over time.

Never Ignore a "Service Engine" Light. These lights were created to help alert you of your vehicle needs before the issue reaches a crisis level. Your car can’t drive itself to the shop, so be sure take your vehicle to your local reliable Albuquerque Auto Repair facility as soon as you can.

Resolve to Become a Safer Driver. Avoid sudden accelerations and brakes because this action wastes fuel and strains the engine; aggressive starts and stops will also wear your brakes out faster. If possible, use the cruise control to maintain a steady pace.

Have an ASE-Certified Albuquerque Mechanic check your vehicle’s needs. Resolving to take better care of your car will automatically result in more savings for the New Year because routine maintenance will help avoid expensive damages. It’s important to care as much about your vehicle as you do about yourself because it is a friend that carries you through many of your daily routines every year!

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