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Show Your Vehicle some Love!

Show Your Vehicle some Love!

Now is a great time to show your Vehicle Some Love! Change your oil. We all should know the importance of regular oil and oil filter changes. Making sure to change the oil filter will keep the oil deposits and dirt and particulates out of the combustion chamber where they can cause damage.  How often should you change your oil? Consult your car owner’s manual, which should give a listing typically between 5000 and 7000 miles. Browns Automotive recommends changing your oil every 3000 miles on vehicles with over 150,000 miles or using a high mileage oil. Have an ASE technician inspect your vehicles. Getting your vehicle routinely inspected can save thousands in vehicle repairs by locating issues before they become a major problem. Un-expected breakdowns come at the most in-convenient times and if we can foresee a problem, you can schedule a convenient time to get the problem solved. Browns Automotive performs free digital inspections with ev ... read more

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