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Auto Repair Shopping Guide in Albuquerque and Los Ranchos

Guide to shopping for auto repairs in Albuquerque and Los Ranchos

When your vehicle is need of repairs or service, it can be difficult to locate an automotive shop in Albuquerque or Los Ranchos. Browns Automotive Experts understands the stress and uncertainty that is associated with vehicle repairs. Often people will default to asking about prices on various repairs because that is what they know and understand. Investing in your vehicle is not the same as purchasing a product online. Yes, the price needs to be fair and reasonable, however, one will often find that the price for a service is about the same, give or take a small percentage. Remember the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’? That is especially true regarding servicing and repairing your vehicle.

Be sure to keep the following in mind while shopping for car repairs in Albuquerque:

  • Not all shops are equal.
  • Repairing and maintaining vehicles today requires A LOT of expensive specialty tools and equipment.
  • Albuquerque has a high demand for qualified technicians, there are more jobs than there are people to fill them. This results in shops hiring ‘whoever they can find’.
  • Unlike most trade work, automotive technicians in Albuquerque/Los Ranchos are not required to pass any state exams that certify them to work on vehicles.
  • Insurance is VERY Expensive; a lot of shops could be operating un-insured
  • Most Independent repair shops last only 3-5 years, you do not want to have a poor repair was done that cannot be warrantied due to the shop not being there when a problem arises.
  • Warranties on repairs could range between 6 months to 2 years.

Best Questions to ask while shopping for automotive repair in Albuquerque/Los Ranchos:

1:  How Long have you been in business?

If a shop has been in business for over 25 years, they are established and will likely be there for you if any problems arise.

2: Are they employing ASE Certified technicians?

ASE: The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is a professional certification group that certifies professionals and shops in the automotive repair and service industry in the United States. This is the ONLY nationally recognized certification. All technicians dedicated to their work and education will be ASE Certified. 

3: What is their warranty?

The industry standard for qualified repair shops in Albuquerque is a 2 year / 24,000-mile warranty on most repairs. This warranty should be nationwide

4: Are the AAA Certified?

AAA (American Automobile Association) is very strict regarding who they certify. AAA will inspect a shops facility to ensure they have the proper equipment and tools.  They always require the shop to have at least one ASE Certified Master Technician on staff. This is the most difficult certification a local repair shop can acquire.

I hope this information helps ease the difficulty of finding a qualified automotive shop in Albuquerque and Los Ranchos. Every here at Browns Automotive will be more than happy to help you with any vehicle repairs or concerns you might have. Just give us a call! Albuquerque: 505-345-0085, Los Ranchos: 505-897-3532

Browns Automotive Experts has been serving the Albuquerque/Los Ranchos area for over 32 years. We are constantly recruiting and hiring the best ASE Certified technicians in New Mexico. We offer a 2 year / 24,000-mile nationwide warranty. We are a AAA certified repair facility and a NAPA Car Care Center equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to service today's complex vehicles. 


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