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Cooling System Maintenance with an Albuquerque Mechanic

A healthy cooling system is crucial to your engine’s longevity. Should an engine overheat, resulting damage could result in a complete engine rebuild or replacement to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Taking a few preventive measures with your local Albuquerque Mechanic can significantly increase the life of your car's cooling system.

Rubber hoses and seals that make up your vehicle's cooling system are susceptible to wear and corrosion. If any one of these components breaks, it can very quickly lead to engine failure.

Replacing damaged or worn hoses will aid in preventing overheating and major wear on the engine components. Although engine components are built with a high tolerance for heat, once overheated, the engine will begin to break down.

There are several signs that indicate a damaged or worn coolant hose. Hoses that are brittle or inflexible should be replaced immediately; hoses with kinks or bulges also need to be changed. A hose that is already leaking is indicated by steam and a sweet smell.

In some vehicles, the coolant system may not be easily accessible, and, in others, it may not be visible at all. A general rule is that your coolant system should be replaced every four years; it’s wise to check with your local Albuquerque Mechanic for an exact recommendation for your vehicle. Other cooling-related maintenance may be needed, such as a cooling system flush or new thermostat. It’s important to stop coolant leaks as soon as they are detected.

If your hoses are showing any signs of wear or you just want a check-up for your cooling system, visit your local ASE-Certified Albuquerque Mechanic. Taking preventive measures help keep your car on the road for years.

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