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Timing Belts, why they need to be replaced

    Many vehicles in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho are equipped with a Timing Belt that requires replacement at mileage intervals or age intervals. Performing this maintenance will save you money by preventing costly repairs if the belt is damaged or breaks. 

    The timing belt has replaced the timing chain in a lot of vehicles. This belt connects the crankshaft to the camshafts and ensures the engine valves are in proper position compared to the pistons which allows for proper ignition. When the timing belt fails, there is a possibility for the valves and the pistons to contact each other. This will cause the valve to bend. The only way to repair a bent valve is to remove the cylinder head which is timely and costly. 

     Typical replacement intervals for timing belt replacement is between 90,000 - 120,000 miles or 10 years. Your service manual will let you know when your belt replacement is recommended. We advise to follow the manufacture recommended interval. 

     There are other components that are driven by the timing belt which also wear out over time. Such time idler pulleys, tensioners, tensioner pullies, and even water pumps. Due to the labor involved in accessing the timing belt, it is advised to replace all wearable components that are easily accessible with the timing belt removed. Often times timing belts are sold in a kit that includes all the components that could fail. The goal is to address any potential issues prior to failure. If the repair is completed right, you will not have to go back into the timing belt area until it is due to be replaced a second time. 

      Last thing to mention is there are oil seals that prevent engine oil from leaking onto the rubber belt. We always inspect these seals and will let you know if replacement is recommended. 

      Call or make an online appointment to get your timing belt replaced or inspected. We provide timing belt service in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Los Ranchos. 

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