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When You Shouldn’t DIY Auto Repair

There are a million resources available online to do just about anything.  From great crafts to simple fixes, it’s all just a click away.  But sometimes, there helpful hints are try-er beware!  When it comes to automotive repairs, let’s look at a few things you should leave to the experts:

Replace a Clutch

Ah!  It’s just a clutch!  Look at how easy it is on YouTube!  What you may not realize is that your clutch is located under your transmission and removing it will take a cherry picker and an engine lift to get out.  Renting these is a hefty bill and then you’ll need a transmission jack and a clutch alignment tool—plus the skill to use it!  Your vehicle’s clutch is made with precision and close enough won’t work out well for you.  Trust precision work like this to the Albuquerque Car Repair experts and save yourself the embarrassing tow truck ride to the shop.

Replace an Engine

You’ll need massive strength (or over a thousand dollars’ worth of machinery to compensate), several days, and an immaculate sure fire mapping system to ensure that every piece goes back exactly from where it came.  Newer model vehicles have elaborate computer systems that require extensive training to understand.  Any number of things could go wrong replacing an engine.  Replacing an engine is the equivalent of open heart surgery for a car.  Sure, you could read a WebMD article, but you’re far better off trusting a doctor—or in this case an Albuquerque Mechanic.

Replace AC Components

Properly replacing air conditioning components is a lot more than buying a quick Freon recharge kit at AutoZone. Those are a Band-Aid to the real problem.   If you vehicle is blowing warm air, the self-contained air conditioning system.  A licensed Car Repair Specialist located in Albuquerque can locate the leak using a specialized fluorescent dye.  A proper air conditioning recharge requires the use of federally regulated refrigerants that require extensive training to handle safely.   An ASE certified technician who is a member of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society will provided the best service to for your vehicle and the best care for these environmentally hazardous chemicals.

You wouldn’t diagnose yourself on WebMD and you wouldn’t trust a Nigerian Prince asking for a little help in the form of a cashier’s check.  Put your auto repairs in the hands of a friendly, certified expert and save that DIY energy for a really great idea.  If your car needs a little TLC, call Donald Brown Parts and Automotive, your Albuquerque Auto Repair Experts.

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