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Fall Vehicle Maintenance Tips

      As the summer comes to an end and fall begins, we are all finding ourselves getting into a new routine. This can include house cleaning, getting ready for school, or focusing more on our careers. Summer vehicle trips are in the rearview mirror. I always find fall as a time to buckle down and focus on completing the goals I set in January. The last thing anyone needs is unexpected car problems to slow them down during this busy time. Browns Automotive is your trusted partner in vehicle repair and maintenance, here are some great fall weather tips to help your car be dependable all season long. 

1) Check your tires. Yes this is on the list for every season, however, that is because your tires are key to proper vehicle performance. Fall weather can vary, so you want to be sure you have good traction all season long. Browns Automotive can inspect your tires and perform any tire maintenance/replacements you might need. Three key areas to inspect are Thread Depth, Tire Pressure, and proper alignment/balance. 

      HINT: Tire pressure light on? Cooler weather will lower your tire pressure. May just need a simple tire pressure adjustment to get that pesky light off.

2) Vehicle Battery: Fluctuating temperatures can have a negative effect on older batteries. Modern vehicles require a strong battery to handle all of the electrical components. Browns Automotive Experts has invested in top-of-the-line battery testers to help prevent an unexpected no-start condition. Gone are the days when the engine will crank slowly, giving you an indication of a weak battery. Now the computer will monitor the battery voltage and prevent the starter activation if the voltage goes too low. Low voltage can also have effects on computer systems. 

3) Cooling system: The coolant is also an antifreeze. As temps lower, your coolant can freeze if it does not have the proper freeze protection. It is critical to test the freezing point of your coolant as the weather starts to lower. When coolant freezes, it can cause expensive engine damage. Browns Automotive can inspect your coolant to ensure it has proper freeze protection and proper fluid level and ensure there are no leaks. 

4) Wiper Blades and Washer Fluid: You want to have good visibility when driving in poor weather. Wiper blades that do not clean the windshield can cause unsafe driving conditions. Ensuring the washer fluid is full and that it also has freeze protection is just as important. Highway driving in poor weather will often coat the windshield with dirt and road debris. The washer system can help you keep the windshield clean. 

5) Exterior Lights: Days are getting shorter, so some of us will now be driving home from work at night. Be sure everyone on the road can clearly see you and your vehicle. It is easy to have a family member or friend help you do a light check. Operate all the lights and switches while someone is outside of the vehicle to check for proper operation. Some bulbs are easy to change yourself, others might require a professional. 

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