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What is ASE and Why is it Important to You?

Finding a talented, trustworthy auto mechanic in Albuquerque isn’t as hard as you think and since October is National Car Care Month, our team at Donald Brown Parts & Automotive is teaching you why you should only let an ASE-Certified mechanic work on your vehicle. To get your car a thorough repair the first time, you need to take it to a trustworthy facility, like Donald Brown Parts & Automotive, that employs top-notch technicians who have the drive and experience to get the job done quickly and professionally. That’s why you should always look for the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence on a shop’s window. The ASE, or Automotive Service Excellence Program, was established in 1972 in an effort to improve the auto industry with better technicians and more ethical practices. This not only benefited the auto facilities but their customers as well! When technicians are ASE-Certified, they have passed the rigorous testing standards set forth by the program. These me ... read more

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Fall Today!

September is here and the season is changing—good-bye summer; hello autumn. While you may be preparing your wardrobe for the fall weather in Albuquerque, this video will help you get your vehicle ready for the upcoming driving conditions as well. Don’t wait too long to prepare your vehicle for the elements. Our team of ASE-Certified technicians is standing by, ready to help you with all of your car repair needs. * Donald Brown’s Parts & Automotive is proud to partner with Monday Morning Mechanic to bring you helpful money saving tips to help you get more miles for your dollar!

Start saving money with a wheel alignment!

Does your steering wheel vibrate while you’re driving around Albuquerque? Do you notice your car drifting to the side of the lane making you really concentrate on driving straight? These are signs that you are could need a wheel alignment, a maintenance service that has plenty of benefits to keep you on the road and save you money in the long run. A wheel alignment is the simple task of adjusting the angles of your wheels so they are completely parallel with the other tires making them perpendicular to the road. Hitting a pothole or a curb can affect a tire’s alignment which can be detrimental to a vehicle and cause issues such as decreased MPG and loss of control. Although the actual service may seem meek, it is very valuable to a car owner. You may need a wheel alignment if… Your car pulls to the right or left when you drive The steering wheel of your car shakes while driving You’ve hit a pot hole or speed bump at a moderate to high speed ... read more

7 Ways You Can Improve Your MPG This Summer

Summer time is the best season for the outdoorsman and the hardest season for the car owner—rising temperatures means rising gas prices. Here are some tips to keep your wallet happy this summer rather than feeling the pain at the pump. The next time you have your oil changed, have the air filter checked. Replacing a dirty air filter with clean one can save up to 10 percent on fuel costs. Check your tire pressure. Filling your tires with the recommend air pressure can increase fuel economy by as much as 3.3 percent. Stay up to date with your air filter replacement. A dirty filter can easily decrease your MPG by 1-2 miles. Make sure to have our ASE-certified technicians to check the state of your air filter during your next visit. Keep the windows rolled up. If you’re cruising on the highway with the windows down, you will cause an aerodynamic drag that can decrease your fuel economy by 10% because your engine will have to work harder. Slow ... read more

AC Repair: What You Should Look For

AC Repair: What You Should Look For

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been blasting the AC in your car all summer, and, after parking in the unrelenting New Mexico sun on a hot day in Albuquerque, you hop into your vehicle, turn the ignition and wait for a wave of coolness to pour out of your AC unit—but it doesn’t.  Instead, a harsh rush of warm air hits you and you frantically roll down your windows or even open your doors to escape the heat. Unfortunately, you may be in need of an AC repair service. There are plenty of signs to tell if you need an AC repair. Even units that still produce cold air may be having problems. That’s why it’s recommended you service your AC unit as part of your preventive maintenance plan rather than running it until it breaks down. You may want to have your AC checked by an ASE-certified technician if… The air being emitted isn’t as col ... read more

The Importance of Timing Belt Replacements

Overlooking a simple replacement service can cost you thousands of dollars. Take the timing belt for example. This video will explain the benefits of timing belt replacements and the expensive consequences you could face if your belt should brake. Remember, we are always here to help with any of your car repair needs. Stop by either of our Albuquerque locations or call us * Donald Brown Parts and Automotive Inc. is proud to partner with Monday Morning Mechanic to bring you helpful money saving tips like these to help you get more miles for your dollar!

Auto Repair Tips: Rotating Your Tires

Tires can sustain up to 20 percent more wear when they are rotated regularly. Not only will this save you gas money, but rotating your tires will also help your tires last longer.  For uniform tire wear, it is suggested that a vehicle’s tires are rotated every 6,000 miles as part of your car’s maintenance plan. There are many factors that can cause wear to tires. Weight distribution is one of the biggest factors. On front-wheel drive cars, the stress of steering, braking and the weight from the engine and axle can quickly cause deterioration.  Incorrect tire pressure and uneven alignment are also major factors.  If your front tires gain more wear than your back tires, it may cause some safety concerns for the control of your vehicle.  Bringing your car to our certified mechanics regularly can ensure your tires are rotated properly and keep you safely on the road.   Rotating your tires will also do many things for your overall driving experience. If ... read more

Albuquerque Mechanic Tips: How WD-40 Can Help Keep Your Car Clean

You might have heard about the unseen wonders held in a can of WD-40, but did they tell you how you can use it to clean your car? In this month’s blog, we’re taking a break from auto repair tips to further your WD-40 education so you can keep your car looking its best! Removes Tree Sap During the hot summer months, you’ll probably find some shade to park in when you go out—perhaps under a tree. The problem with trees, however, is the sap that makes its way to the exterior of your car. This creates a magnet for dirt, causing some unsightly spots on your car. A little bit of WD-40 can help remove this scum to keep your car looking fantastic. Cleans Bugs If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you know that it pretty much always ends with a plethora of bugs scattered on your windshield or grill. Usually, clearing this off can be done in a few minutes at a gas station, but sometimes you have to use something a little stronger than wi ... read more

Albuquerque Auto Repair Tips: Shocks and Suspension Systems

If it feels like you’re floating on the high seas when you’re driving your car, new suspension components may be required to keep you comfortable and safe on the road. Suspension components are designed to provide comfort, stability and performance while driving. Keep in mind that suspension components are different for every make and model of vehicle. As these components wear, handling and response performance are reduced, meaning your car will have trouble changing directions and the driver will require more time to react to unexpected road obstructions. Most cars have shocks that compress when driving over bumps to absorb the impact of the bump. As shocks get older, their ability to cushion these blows decreases. This makes any drive around town a rough and bumpy one. Replacing shocks allows your vehicle to perform as it did when you first purchased it from the dealer. Bushings are another important part of your suspension system. Bushings pad the suspension ... read more

Albuquerque Auto Repair: Preventive Maintenance

As an auto repair shop, we talk a lot about “preventive maintenance” and how it can help your vehicle live a longer life in Albuquerque. But if you’ve ever been confused by the term or what it means, watch this clip explaining exactly what preventive maintenance is and how you can benefit from it

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