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Albuquerque Mechanic Tips: How WD-40 Can Help Keep Your Car Clean

You might have heard about the unseen wonders held in a can of WD-40, but did they tell you how you can use it to clean your car? In this month’s blog, we’re taking a break from auto repair tips to further your WD-40 education so you can keep your car looking its best! Removes Tree Sap During the hot summer months, you’ll probably find some shade to park in when you go out—perhaps under a tree. The problem with trees, however, is the sap that makes its way to the exterior of your car. This creates a magnet for dirt, causing some unsightly spots on your car. A little bit of WD-40 can help remove this scum to keep your car looking fantastic. Cleans Bugs If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you know that it pretty much always ends with a plethora of bugs scattered on your windshield or grill. Usually, clearing this off can be done in a few minutes at a gas station, but sometimes you have to use something a little stronger than wi ... read more

Albuquerque Auto Repair Tips: Shocks and Suspension Systems

If it feels like you’re floating on the high seas when you’re driving your car, new suspension components may be required to keep you comfortable and safe on the road. Suspension components are designed to provide comfort, stability and performance while driving. Keep in mind that suspension components are different for every make and model of vehicle. As these components wear, handling and response performance are reduced, meaning your car will have trouble changing directions and the driver will require more time to react to unexpected road obstructions. Most cars have shocks that compress when driving over bumps to absorb the impact of the bump. As shocks get older, their ability to cushion these blows decreases. This makes any drive around town a rough and bumpy one. Replacing shocks allows your vehicle to perform as it did when you first purchased it from the dealer. Bushings are another important part of your suspension system. Bushings pad the suspension ... read more

Albuquerque Auto Repair: Preventive Maintenance

As an auto repair shop, we talk a lot about “preventive maintenance” and how it can help your vehicle live a longer life in Albuquerque. But if you’ve ever been confused by the term or what it means, watch this clip explaining exactly what preventive maintenance is and how you can benefit from it

Why Use An ASE-Certified Technician?

If you have heard someone use the term, “ASE-Certified Technician,” but were never quite sure what it meant in terms of your vehicle’s needs, Albuquerque car repair services Don Brown Parts and Automotive Inc. offers the answer. In 1972, a national non-profit program called the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) was established to test and certify individual technicians in all major technical areas of repair and service. The organization was created to help consumers distinguish between competent and incompetent mechanics using difficult national tests that prove their technical skills and knowledge. Becoming an ASE-certified mechanic requires passing at least one exam and fulfilling two years of work experience. Specialty exams cover major areas of repair including: Manual Drive Train and Axles, Engine Repair, Suspension and Steering, Heating and Air Conditioning, Engine Performance, Brakes, Automatic Transmissions and Electrical Systems. Th ... read more

Albuquerque Car Repair: Are Snow Tires Right For You?

If it’s no big deal for you to wake up in the winter months and find 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground, then chances are you’ve thought about a good set of snow tires once or twice. Snow tires can give you a huge advantage during the winter months on the road, no matter what kind of vehicle you have. If you’re on the fence about whether to upgrade your tires for the winter months, consider the following facts: You’ll Have a Huge Advantage on Winter Roads Winter tires are made out of a softer rubber compound with deeper tread, giving them a much easier time gripping to the road—even on snowy, icy roads. A better grip means easier braking, easier turning, and a safer ride in general. The softer compound allows the tire to dig into the road, despite the snow and ice. Snow Tires vs. All Weather Tires You might think that by purchasing a set of all-weather tires that you’re covered for winter. While all-weathers are ma ... read more

Albuquerque NM Auto Repair Tips: Don't Text and Drive!

Texting and driving is a dangerous action that thousands carelessly participate in every day. Teens are one of the biggest offenders, as studies have shown that teens are more likely to engage in distracted driving. As an Auto Repair shop, we want all the Albuquerque teens to be safe on the road! Check out this video imagining how difficult it’d be if you HAD to be able to text and drive to get your license

When You Shouldn’t DIY Auto Repair

There are a million resources available online to do just about anything.  From great crafts to simple fixes, it’s all just a click away.  But sometimes, there helpful hints are try-er beware!  When it comes to automotive repairs, let’s look at a few things you should leave to the experts: Replace a Clutch Ah!  It’s just a clutch!  Look at how easy it is on YouTube!  What you may not realize is that your clutch is located under your transmission and removing it will take a cherry picker and an engine lift to get out.  Renting these is a hefty bill and then you’ll need a transmission jack and a clutch alignment tool—plus the skill to use it!  Your vehicle’s clutch is made with precision and close enough won’t work out well for you.  Trust precision work like this to the Albuquerque Car Repair experts and save you ... read more

Albuquerque Car Repair: An Overheated Engine? Preposterous!

Unfortunately, being a vehicle owner also comes with the expectation that there will be “hiccups” in your tenure. One of these “hiccups” your local Albuquerque NM Auto Repair is all-too familiar with is when a car overheats. If you haven’t experienced an overheated engine, then chances are you’ve seen one on the side of the road. The elaborate scene is painted with an exasperated individual accompanied by a vehicle pulled off to the side, with the hood popped and smoke seeping from the edges. Perhaps a tow truck is off to the side about to hook the broken down vehicle. While these situations seem exhausting, avoiding them is as easy as knowing the signs. Here are a few tips from your local Albuquerque Car Repair for keeping your engine from overheating: Dashboard The dash in your vehicle is the best resource in your vehicle for determining your engine’s status. There are two indicators, the first being the temperature gauge. One end is mar ... read more

Albuquerque Car Repair: A/C Myths Debunked!

Check the weather report HERE. I dare you. Doesn’t look like the sun’s going let up any time soon, does it? Looks like we’re swimming in 90-degree weather for quite some time! In that light, what sort of state is your air conditioning in? We all know the importance of maintaining this system (especially in the summer), but some of the things we do to keep it in shape are counterintuitive. Here are a few of those air conditioning myths debunked from your local Albuquerque NM Auto Repair: A/C Wastes Gas? Many argue blasting the air conditioning wastes gas, but your local Albuquerque Tires shop begs to differ. Consumer Reports has found that if you’re traveling faster than 40 MPH, it’s b ... read more

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