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Auto Repair Albuquerque NM: Cloolant, Hoses, and Engine Longevity

When it comes to your engine’s longevity, there’s nothing more crucial than a healthy cooling system. Should your vehicle ever overheat, the resulting damage could be bad enough to require a lengthy, expensive repair like an engine replacement! But by taking just a few preventive maintenance measures with your local Albuquerque, NM Auto Repair, you will extend the life of your vehicle significantly. Your cooling system contains several different components, all of which need their own individual attention. The parts that are most susceptible to damage and erosion are the rubber coolant hoses. If any of these hoses are inflexible or brittle, they should be replaced as soon as possible by an ASE-Certified tech at your local ... read more

Albuquerque Tires: Keeping You on the Road Literally

Of the thousands of components in modern vehicles, only one has the responsibility of contacting the road surface and keeping you there. That component is the Albuquerque tire. Tires are one of the most  important safety items on your vehicle. The Rubber Manufacturers Association recommends that you take only five minutes per month to inspect your tires’ inflation and tread wear. This is a relatively simple task to perform and only takes a few dollars out of your wallet and a few minutes of your time. There are four actions that should be taken to ensure the longest life possible from your tires. In this issue we will look into the area of pressure. The first is to regulate the proper pressure in your ... read more

How to Cut Albuquerque NM Repair Costs

Can I afford to flush this fluid or replace this part?  The real question is can you afford not to?  Expenses on a vehicle add up quickly.  If you procrastinate on performing routine maintenance, the costs can increase exponentially.  For example, failing to flush the power steering fluid will cause the lines or even the pump to fail much sooner than it normally would have.  To keep yourself aware of any potential problems that could be lurking around the corner, have an inspection of your car performed twice per year by an experienced, ASE certified Albuquerque Car Repair center: once right at the onset of winter and once as summer begins Here ... read more

Brake Maintenance At Albuquerque NM Auto Repair Shop

When it comes to safety, there’s nothing more important in your vehicle than your brakes. That’s why it’s so important to have an ASE-Certified technician at your local Albuquerque NM Auto Repair shop perform regular brake maintenance. A brake check-up should include: Brand and dash warning lights Condition of brake hoses and brake lines Brake fluid level Brake lining wear Rotor thickness Warning signs that your brakes may be in need of some repair or replacement from your local Albuquerque NM Auto Repair shop include: Vibrations: if your brake pedal vibrates when you apply pressure, it m ... read more

Tire Maintenance From A Local Albuquerque Tires Shop

Without a good pair of shoes, it’d be difficult to get around — and the same standard applies to your vehicle’s tires. Replacing good tires can be expensive, which is why it’s so important to maintain them. Here are a few tips from your reliable Albuquerque tires shop to get the most out of your tires: Tire balance: A good set of tires will have deep tread, stable side walls and will have been balanced for high speed handling. If your tires seem to jump around a lot when you drive, it’s probably time for them to be re-balanced. If you bring your vehicle in to your local Albuquerque tires shop to have your ... read more

Replace A Timing Belt At Local Albuquerque Auto Repair Shop

When it comes to your vehicle's engine, timing is everything. With dozens and dozens of parts spinning around in your vehicle every time you start it, proper timing is a must - it’s imperative to keep track of your engine’s timing belt. The timing belt is an often overlooked component during routine car maintenance, but if it breaks, your vehicle won’t work at all. The best-case scenario - when your timing belt breaks - is that you’ll be stranded and inconvenienced somewhere and forced to call a tow truck to bring your car to a local Albuquerque car repair shop have your timing belt replaced. It's important to know that with some newer engines, a broken timing belt can mean severe engine damage, requiring an engine rebuild or replacement costing thousands of dollars. A timing belt looks similar to the clothing accessory of the same name and is located under the hood of your vehicle. It’s the job of a timing belt to transfer the rotation created by the crankshaft to the cam ... read more

Cooling System Maintenance with an Albuquerque Mechanic

A healthy cooling system is crucial to your engine’s longevity. Should an engine overheat, resulting damage could result in a complete engine rebuild or replacement to the tune of thousands of dollars. Taking a few preventive measures with your local Albuquerque Mechanic can significantly increase the life of your car's cooling system. Rubber hoses and seals that make up your vehicle's cooling system are susceptible to wear and corrosion. If any one of these components breaks, it can very quickly lead to engine failure. Replacing damaged or worn hoses will aid in preventing overheating and major wear on the engine components. Although engine components are built with a high tolerance for heat, once overheated, the engine will begin to break down. There are several signs that indicat ... read more

Albuquerque Car Repair Tip: Love Your Car More!

Your New Year’s resolution doesn’t always have to be about improving yourself. How about making 2012 the year to improve your four-wheel investment so it runs many more years, pollutes less and burns less gasoline? Monthly Albuquerque Tire Check-ups. If your tires have low pressure, your engine will end up working harder and burn more gasoline just to move your vehicle. You should use a tire-pressure gauge to make sure your pressure specifications are correct. Stop by one of our Albuquerque shops, and our ASE-certified technicians will be happy to check your tire pressure for you. Follow Vehicle Service Recommendations. Your owner’s manual mentions recommended service maintenance intervals. Stay on top of these recommendations by creating a calendar for your vehicle’s routine maintenance as a reminder. Routine Oil and Oil Filter Changes. Oil is the blood of the engine. It keeps the eng ... read more

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